Our founder, Jenny Askins, is an Alabama native with a passion for the Huntsville community. She has a proven track record of developing cultural excursions in the area and curating memorable experiences. Notably, she was responsible for creating many of the educational and cultural activities for the Leadership Huntsville program over the past several years.
Under the leadership of Jenny, Touronimo has a unique position in Huntsville. Touronimo looks beyond the status quo of local tourist activities and digs deeper. A diverse group of local experts and a wide range of activities provide tourists, new Huntsville residents, and long-time North Alabama natives with opportunities to connect in an exciting way.
Our current activities touch on local art, cooking, history, music, craft beer, and more; intimate and hands-on no matter the activity, we seek to create lasting memories. We are also always on the search for new experts and activities that are off the beaten path.
Our goal is to curate a large range of activities with a range of price points that provide opportunities for anyone who wishes to experience the best of the Rocket City.