I’ve called Huntsville home since 1983, and I love my hometown.  The diverse people, environment, and culture continue to challenge, inspire, and enlighten me every single day. It’s a pretty special thing that we are able to host such a vast array of talent, technology, and culture, all within the shadows of the Tennessee Valley mountains.

I was inspired to create Touronimo while working at Leadership Huntsville and helped create a program day called “Living Like a Local” where we shared unique places with class participants. And while I encountered many people who were new to the area, I also met a ton of others who had lived in Huntsville all of their lives and told me they had no idea of some of the great stuff our city had to offer. I was fortunate to learn about these places because of where I worked, but it really got me thinking about a way I could share the more personal side of our city with more than just one group of people each year. Past Huntsville Mayor, Steve Hettinger once told me that to love your community, you needed to know your community. So I went exploring deeper, and discovered all kinds of adventure right here in our city.

I love serving my community, and my past experience includes Connect Class 6 and Leadership Class 26. I’ve served on multiple community boards including the Community Free Clinic and the Arts Council.  I’ve also worked on service projects with Manna House and Lincoln Academy. When I’m not exploring the community and meeting new people, I enjoy catching up with friends, hanging out in one of our local breweries, or attending an outdoor concert.