Blissful Balance

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A workshop on the feminine way of finding ease to avoid burnout.

Sold By: Church Street Wine Shoppe


Finding work/life balance is important for overall well-being and happiness.  As women we hold so many titles and finding the balance most times means we are putting ourselves last in order to take care of everything else.  If you just agreed with that statement, then this workshop is all for you sister!  Join us for this powerful workshop led by empowerment coach Maria Brito.
In this productive time together, we will work on finding ways to add precious time and focus so that we can get sh*t done and still have time for ourselves!  Maria will introduce us to simple yet powerful processes that will add more blissful ease to all your planner to-do’s!
If you are ready to say no to overwhelm, want to improve your productivity, and feel better mentally and physically then join us for this evening of deep awakenings.
The workshop includes:
–  How to improve your productivity and efficiency using your human design
–  Understand what you have been resisting in order to move into your own divine and unique flow of productivity
–  Breath work techniques to recalibrate your nervous system to feel more energetic when you need it and peaceful in those moments of deep stress
–  Guided meditation with Maria’s Silent Sound System
–  50% off a one-on-one coaching call with Maria after the workshop to bring all the goodness together and create a blissful plan that works with your unique energetic blueprint

Location: Church Street Wine Shoppe, 501 Church St NW, Huntsville

Date/Time: Thursday, September 14, 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

What is included:  Guided experience and two glasses of wine.  

Cost: $60

Restrictions:  Must be 21years old or older


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