D&D In a Brewery: Personalized Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) One Shots! (Group of 4)

From: $295.00

Dungeons and Dragons with an Official Dragon Master for a Group of Four!

Sold By: Elliot Spilk


Have you ever wanted to try Dungeons & Dragons but couldn’t get a group together or a Dungeon Master to run a game? Has it been a long time since you played and wanted to try out the newest edition? Are you a parent trying to find a safe place for your child to learn the game of Dungeons & Dragons?

Well, look no further! My goal is to provide a fun, creative, and unique Dungeons and Dragons experience for you and your friends.

Location: Yellowhammer Brewery Main Room, 2600 Clinton Ave Huntsville, Al

Dates/Times: Weekends by Appointment

Duration:  4 hours

What is included: 2 Pizzas for the group to share, 1 Beverage, 1 Set of Polyhedral Dice, a chance at winning a special D&D Starter set (1 per group guaranteed). 

Restrictions: Any Children wishing to participate must be 13 years old and accompanied by a parent (parent doesn’t have to play but should be present).

Cost of Experience: Group of four – $295

To request a specific day, or for private groups or parties, please send all requests through our Contact page.


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