Soaring Over North Alabama – FAST-Plus Experience

From: $250.00

The “Mile High Flight”!

Sold By: Huntsville Soaring


Soaring is the art and science of flying gliders, aerodynamic marvels which in the hands of skilled pilots can stay aloft for hours using no engine or fuel.

FAST-Plus Experience: Designed for the more adventurous or for those who may want to begin their training to earn their FAA Private Pilot Glider-Rating. The goal of your first flight is to soar up to 5,000 feet above the ground. (Some call this the “Mile-High Flight”) Weather conditions and your stamina will drive whether this is possible, but at this altitude, you’ll be able to see north into Tennessee and south to the Tennessee River! Your pilot will demonstrate thermal soaring and the techniques to find the magical lift to keep you aloft. With this experience, you’ll be allowed to try some of the maneuvers yourself – true hands-on flying! This experience includes two additional prepaid training flights, a 3-month membership in our club and the Soaring Society of America, a Flight Logbook, and an FAA Glider Flying Handbook. We recommend you schedule the two additional FAST-Plus Experience flights with an instructor we’ll assign to you after your first flight. At this point, you are poised to continue your training and pursue the Glider Pilot rating, or you’ll have had three great soaring flights that will be the subject of many a tale with your friends. Cost:   $250

Flights are weather dependent and will need to be scheduled accordingly.

Meeting Point:

Moontown Airport (K3M5), 200 Airport Drive, Brownsboro, AL 35741


Plan on being at the airport for approximately 1 1/2 hours.


Very casual and cool clothing. The cockpits of gliders are not cooled and can get quite warm until we’re at higher altitudes. You’ll want to wear sunglasses and sunscreen. Hats without brims on the sides and without “button-cap beans” on top are recommended. Comfortable shoes that you can wear walking on soft grass.


-Participants need to be age 13 or older. Talk with our pilots if you have questions on this suggestion.
-Health – We recommend you be in good health, with no medical limitations. If you think you are prone to motion sickness, please talk with one of our pilots on steps you can take to be prepared, so your experience is as pleasant and fun as possible.
-Weight – Weight and Balance is a key factor in all flying sports, and especially in gliders. Our aircraft limits participants to no more than 242 lbs.  Your height is also a factor, so we recommend you discuss this with your pilot who will confirm if you are within the limits of the aircraft.
-Disabilities: Individuals with physical disabilities are able to fly properly-outfitted gliders as well as anyone. At Huntsville Soaring, we do not have gliders with these controls, but we can still provide the Introductory Experience flights to all individuals.
-Number of participants: We can only accommodate one individual per Experience flight. If multiple people wish to fly consecutively, please discuss this with our pilots beforehand, and we will do our best to accommodate your desires.


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