Spiritual Past Life Regression


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What would you feel like if you walked your true spiritual path with clarity and purpose? Well now is the perfect time for you to do so. Realize what it would be like to be your true spiritual self today.

Have you ever experienced deja vu you couldn’t explain why? Drawn to a place so much so you feel like you can’t die before you go? Have extreme fears of drowning, the house catching on fire, going on planes or driving during a storm? You have all of these feelings and yet, you don’t know why?

Your soul knows.

Spiritual Past life regression is an exciting trip into your own past lives, unlocking doors in your mind that open other worlds, worlds that were yours in another time.

No matter what we uncover, everything is safe and brought forward in a healing and cleansing light.

“ We travel many lives and these lives form our character and emotions, we need to get a better understanding of who we truly are”.

Location: 303 Williams Ave, Building 12, Suite 1222

Date/Time: Sundays, 1:00pm-5:00pm

Duration: 1 hour

What is included: During your 60 minute session we will ground you to prepare yourself to go deep into a meditative state, we will remain in this state for 30 minutes, once we have received our knowledge of the past I will begin to slowly pull you back into present moment. Over a glass of water, we will then discuss your regression and how it mirrors your current lifetime.

Price is – $98


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