Discover North Alabama


For a true southern experience, you need look no further than an Alabama local. Southern hospitality is a real thing and we have plenty of it!

New to North Alabama

Moving to a city can be challenging. Let us turn an unfamiliar place into one you can call home.


Think you know everything there is to know about your community? In an area growing as quickly as North Alabama there is always something new to discover!


Salsa Dancing Experience

Dance like nobody’s watching!


Downtown Cocktail Lounge Tour

The wheels on the rover go ’round and ’round!


Sano More Hiking!

Guided Hike on Monte Sano!


Soaring over North Alabama – Introductory Experience

Whistle through the air in a sleek aircraft designed to soar through the skies!

Our Founder

Jenny Askins

Jenny Askins


I love my hometown: the people, the environment, the culture. My community inspires me to be a better person, the environment encourages me to appreciate the great outdoors, and the southern culture; well, there's nothing like it!

A friend of mine once said, "To love your community, you must know your community." Join me in exploring the city I love, meet the people that make us a star of the South, and discover what makes our community like no other.