Tangled Strings Studio

If you or your business is interested in providing an experience for Touronimo, let's connect! I'm always on the lookout for good food, fun activities, private tours, or hidden gems to share with others!

Tell me your goals and objectives, and together we will come up with something special!

"The experience I have had with Jenny Askins and Touronimo has been nothing short of amazing. Jenny makes sure both business and customer are happy with the services provided, in short her incredible energy comes across in her work."

-Cathy Lighton, CEO Light On Yoga Fitness

“I always enjoy working with Jenny Askins at Touronimo.  She takes the time and effort to make each evening at the distillery a truly memorable event.  I make that extra effort to show Touronimo guests the inside workings of a small distillery, and we get the opportunity to taste my most recent bourbon or whiskey, and sample what’s coming up.”

- Jeff Irons, Founder Irons One Distillery