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Human Terrain Drawing Session, Photography & Canvas print


Personal Art Experience Where You Are the Canvas!

Sold By: David Nuttall - Artimaps

This unique package offers a personal Human Terrain map experience. This is temporary body art, drawn directly on your skin at Artimaps Studio at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment. This is a day focused purely on you, and the process is entirely collaborative. The map is “set” in a location of your choosing and is then created, in conversation with you and according to the contours of your body, by artist and cartographer David Nuttall. David takes all the photographs in the private, comfortable setting of his studio, and you select the one you want be to printed.

The pens used are water-based, acrylic, non-toxic, and wash off fairly easily.

How it works:

  • We schedule the drawing session (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday)
  • Customer instructions will be sent
  • Meet at Lowe Mill ARTS & Entertainment for session
  • The studio is closed to the public and drawing takes place on a massage table with only the skin wanting to be seen exposed.
  • Walk out with temporary personal body art!

Mini Session:

  • 4-hour drawing session and photographs
  • Selected photo editing
  • One 12” x 18” canvas wrapped print
  • Shipping of print (U.S. only)


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