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2022 Year in Review with Touronimo

What a year! Huntsville tourism, meetings and corporate events have all returned in full force, and we’ve loved every minute!

In 2022, you’ve relied on Touronimo to take care of your most important asset – people! You trusted our local expertise and professional partners, shared in testimonials you won’t use anyone else, and last but not least, you relaxed knowing we had everything under control.

From international visitors to special guest speakers, it was our pleasure to provide pickup and drop-off car services for three different airports (Huntsville, Birmingham, and Nashville). When corporate clients needed recruiting tours, we excitedly answered the call. In the month of October, the busiest transportation month of the year, we left no group unassisted!

With venues quickly filling as companies raced to catch up after 2020, we worked with the community to create places and spaces unique to our clients. Field parties, celebratory dinners, and uniquely themed gatherings were in high demand, and we helped you to check all the boxes!

Touronimo jumped at the chance to wow your guests with behind-the-scenes tours and southern food pairings. From a peek behind the velvet rope to barbeque tastings, visitors from California to Paris enjoyed the best our Rocket City has to offer!

We know you have big plans for 2023, and we can’t wait to support you. If you know special guests are arriving on specific dates, let us get that on our calendar. If you’re hosting a conference, let us create local tours and experiences. When looking for local, make-it-happen experts, put us on speed dial!

We’re here. We’re ready. Let’s get this party started!

Hold on – my phone is buzzing! Is that you?

Jenny, Chief Experience Officer

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